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Offering a great quality cup of coffee shows you care about small details and it creates a positive impression on everyone!! 

Nespresso coffee machines are an experssion of spohistication and finnese. You can choose from a wide range of elegant coffee machines which are made to suit your coffee desires. The  adequate range of Nespresso coffee machines consists of the beautiful Creatista plus, Krups expert and expert & Milk, the machine with the tinniest footprint Essenza Mini, prodigio and many more...

At Global Gadgets we know that your time is valuable.
Every customer need reliable technical support and dedicated services which leaves you free to concentrate on other important things.


Choose the coffee flavour that best suits your taste

Choose the machine, insert the coffee pod, select the cup size and treat yourself with incredible tasting coffee


How you can create a difference?
Being a reseller of premium lifestyle products manufactured by Nespresso makes us a partner to their planet saving initiatives. Whenever you choose to throw away used Nespresso capsules keep in mind that these can be recycled and made into something useful, thus bring us these used capsules whenever you visit Global Gadgets.


Coffee From Around the World

       We are responsible for the authentic sourcing of our coffee




We are concerned for the future of coffee and the population that love this fabulous beverage. It is only fitting that the company that loves coffee the most comes to the rescue and starts a campaign that will ensure coffee’s sustainability.


To address the issue of coffee's future, we formed the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ initiative in 2003 in combination with the non-profit, Rainforest Alliance. This methodology enables Nespresso to protect the future supply of the highest quality coffee, while paying farmers a higher income and protecting the natural environment with it. Our commitment goes beyond this, it is about a long-term relationship and continued loyalty to the coffee farmers in the program.