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Our relationship with Global Gadgets goes back a long time, perhaps 15 years. Over these years, We have not only increased our personal buying from them, but even recommended them to our friends, confident that the Global team's service would do us proud in front of them. We are highly satisfied from their knowledge on the subject, ability to deliver the product of desired specifications, variety of options and their very customer friendly attitude. Highly recommended to any buyer who has a taste for the latest and an eye for the best in this trade.

- Raaja Kanwar Apollo International Limited -

I am so delighted to deal with Global Gadgets team and its owners that i have always come back to them for my personal needs for electronic gadgets.I see Global Gadgets as a trustworthy partner,a knowledgeable supplier,a sensitive service provider. I have seen very few businesses that have such a sense of vision and bring that sense into their day-to-day interactions. Global Gadgets is definitely my pick for one such organization. I wish them all the success in future. All the best Global,keep it up!

- Ajay Bijli PVR Cinemas -

I am extremely satisfied with virtually all aspects of the products and services provided by Global Gadgets over the years. Their Services have been always complete, faster and at a fair price. I highly recommend 3G.

- Pankaj Munjal Hero Motors Limited -

"I am extremely satisfied with virtually all the products and services provided by Global Gadgets over the years. Their services have been always complete, faster and at a fair price.Global Gadgets is trustworthy partner, a knowledgeable supplier, a sensitive service provider. I highly recommend Global Gadgets"

- Ankur Bhatia Bird Group -

"I shop at Global Gadgets because it offers. ""Global outlook, global standards, global products...that's global for me and my family."" Wishing you all the success!"

- Freddy Svane Royal Danish Embassy -

"In today's time of so much choice,the fact that I and my family always come back to Global Gadgets for all our requirements of premium electronic products,and have been doing so for that last 13 years, speaks volumes about their trustworthiness,friendliness and service quality. What is more,one can always look forward to some good advice and a genuine solution to your problems too. I wish they keep expanding so that customers like me don't have to look elsewhere, ever."

- H.K Agarwal APJ Polymers (Action & Campus Shoes) -

"True to their name, I always expect Global to be ready with the latest gadgets the day they are launched anywhere in the world, and back them with the best-in-class service, I have no hesitation in recommending Global Gadgets as the retailer of choice when it comes to the latest consumer electronics,expecially of the premium quality. Their reliability, service, personal touch is always a delight for me. These qualities certainly make them a cut above the rest in this business, I wish they keep expanding so that customers like me don't have to look elsewhere, ever."

- Sunjay Kapur Sona Koyo Steering Systems -

Global Gadgets conjures an image of a global gadgets hub right in the heart of New Delhi. True to their name, it exemplifies "Global.." be it their global range of products,global customer service et al. A product may be launched anywhere in the world and I would be certain that it will be available at Global Gadgets at the earliest. I've been their customer for many years now and another aspect which differentiates them from the others is their personal connect with their customers and their consistent customer-delight. They have always gone the extra-mile to deliver best in class services to me and my family. I wish them the best to go from strength to strength to they can delight more and more customers with their global products and equally global customer-service.

- Ajay Chandra Unitech Limited -

The success of any enterprises originates from the ethos of its promoters! If Global gadgets is successful today that's where the origins go to. Hard- working, God fearing brothers who have made a name for themselves in this city. I totally recommend them to everybody. They are not the people to go with if you are looking for the cheapest price in the city, but if you value service and commitment you couldn't find a better place,I consider myself fairly 'Technically Savvy' and a discerning customer. Global Gadgets has often exceeded my expectation. Kudos to them and may the Almighty continue to bless them with success in the future!

- Atul Raheja Life Long India Ltd -

Global outlook, global standards, global products that's global for me and me family,Seldom you come across a supplier who would grow their business based on your personal feedback.Global is one such and therefore I call them my very own retailer of choice ,am always happy working with them, in all aspects!.

- Arjun WalliaThe Walsons Group -

We have been procuring various equipments such as branded laptops, mobiles, digital camera, iPads, LCD TV's. A/V products, digital lifestyle gadgets from Global Gadgets, New Delhi for the last 15years. We are highly content with their knowledge on the subject, ability to deliver product of desired specifications, variety of options and competitive prices. Our experience is that their team has good technical support and very consumer friendly attitude. We are pleased with their services and would highly recommend Global Gadgets to those who are looking for best in this trade.

- Amit BurmanDabur -

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