Global Gadgets introduces the latest Google Nest Wifi that blankets your whole home in strong reliable coverage. It works behind the scenes to help keep your Wi-Fi fast and buffering at bay. Nest Wifi is easy to set up; all you need to do is connect and manage devices in your network. The stable connection it provides helps for an uninterrupted streaming service, video calls, and image sharing, and so on. This mesh system enables seamless connectivity to the internet all over the home. You can purchase Google wifi India from gadgets store in Delhi.


-Coverage up to 5500 square feet.

-One Wifi router plugs into your internet provider's modem to create your Wi-Fi network. The point units extend the wireless network.

-Nest Wifi routers are strong enough to handle up to 200 connected devices.

-Fast enough to stream multiple 4K videos at a time.

-Walk from room to room on a video call with an uninterrupted signal.

-Nest Wifi automatically updates itself to get new features and help your network stay safe and sound.

-It also comes with a speaker with an inbuilt Google Assistant, so you can play music, control supported connected devices, and more.

-Nest Wifi is easy to set up in the app.

-Easily create a guest network and share your password in just a few taps.

-Decide which devices to prioritize for faster speeds and use parental controls to manage online time for the kids.

In this modern era when the technological advancements are taking place in a rapid manner, the Google Nest Wifi comes in very handy. It is suited for large homes where connectivity might be an issue. What’s more, is that the nest wifi can handle up to 200 devices at once which is just phenomenal. The regular updates from Google make sure that you stay safe and secure and that you get the latest updates from Google. What makes this package more desirable is how reasonably it is priced. You can buy Google Nest Wifi from here.